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Green Care & Connections Boxes


Want some new ideas and resources for group activities?  

Lost for ways to work with residents who are socially withdrawn, disengaged or being nursed in bed?

Wanting some inspiration and activities to bring the local community into your care home(s)?

Our Green Letterboxes suit recipients of all abilities and are adaptable to the needs of your organisation or home.

To enquire about any of our green letterboxes please email


Inside the boxes


Whole Box.jpg


Our most popular box with all the contents to aid relaxation.  Includes tips from pen pals about how they relax; strategies to slow down; instructions for making a lavender bag.

1 x lavender envelope
1 x dried rice
1 x favour bag

1 x relaxation resource sheet
1 x handwritten postcard to recipient

1 x blank postcard (includes 2nd class stamp)



A gorgeously informative pack to encourage care & kindness towards birds, with interesting facts and tips about taking the time to notice our feathered friends and how to identify them.  

Pack contains:

- 1 resource/activity sheet

1 x bird identification sheet
1 x handwritten postcard to recipient

1 x gift pack of birdseed

1 x blank postcard (including 2nd class stamp)

Microgreen Box Judy.jpg


Suitable to be used all year round, particularly in Autumn & Winter.  Enables residents to touch, smell and taste food that they've grown easily themselves indoor on windowsill.  Lends itself perfectly to inter generational work with children and young people.

Pack contains:
4 x compressed peat free soil discs
1 x Microveg seed packet

1 x Growing Instructions Sheet
1 x Postcard from community resident
1 x Blank postcard with postage stamp


What They’re Saying About Our Boxes


"Wonderful initiatives such as ‘Green Letterboxes’ highlight the value of nature to our health and wellbeing."

'Sharing the Joy of Nature' (Website Blog, 19th January 2024) (HMWT)

TLC Logo.jpg

“...the residents liked the idea behind the green boxes and the very personal touch with handwritten and painted cards. We had fun together doing it."

Activity Coordinator, TLC  Care

BEEE Creative Logo.jpg

"I used our ideas today and we generated some wonderful movements that depicted various flowers blooming!

Proud Tulips, creeping and climbing Clematis, tete a tete watching..."

Laura Horn, Dance Instructor


I'm a massive fan of your fantastic voluntary organisation, and I'd be absolutely chuffed to support and promote you in any way I can. Let's spread the positivity and make a difference together!

Robert Hobbs

Sensory Link Worker

Hospital & Community Navigation Service

Avery Smith

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