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Founder & Director

Michelle Gersh

Alongside her clinical expertise, Michelle is a passionate self-taught plantswoman who literally lives, eats and sleeps everything botanical! Her own journey into gardening has taught her many things which have direct health and wellbeing benefits e.g. being patient and mindful whilst watching plants grow, accepting failure, persistence, the wonder of achievement, the beauty and wonder of nature, that all things die and that there’s a life cycle to everything.  She particularly enjoys the feeling of calm and sense of ‘flow’ that can be achieved through immersing herself in her garden.  The acquisition of her own little greenhouse further enhanced and increased her ability to be self-sufficient by propagating her own plants, thus not relying on expensive garden centres and nurseries for the produce necessary to deliver Green Connections workshops. 

She is focused on developing the organization with the combination of her clinical expertise, integrity and passion to help others.