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Your Sunflower Guide

We are excited to introduce our sunflower theme and Here is some more information to support you in being able to tailor the activities to suit the needs of your residents.

The three 

Steps & Skills

step 1: Place the coir disc inside the cardboard pot
step 2: Place pot inside a tray or large bowl
step 3: Pour water into pot(s) completely covering the coir disc and leave to absorb water for 10 mins.

To differing degrees, all the steps above use draw on the following skills and abilities of residents:

Hearing & following instructions in sequential steps;

Scanning, seeing, recognizing, locating and placing materials; strength & movement in hand and wrist
Using both eyes. arms, hands in a coordinated way
Holding, handling, grasping and placing sunflower seeds 


Planting Seeds
Happy Farmers
Happy Farmers



There are lots of ways to take the essence of this activity and make it suitable to residents who are being nursed in bed, those who require more 1:1 support.

Balcony with flowers
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