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Micro Greens Group Activity Box

Micro Greens Group Activity Box

£35.00 Regular Price
£26.25Sale Price

Help older adults to experience a  huge sense of achievement, whatever their abilities. 


We wanted to make growing your own microgreens achievable for everyone, regardless of age, location or time of year.  We include everything a beginner needs to get sowing and growing in just a few easy steps.


Our boxes include:

- 1 x easy access resource sheet and growing instructions

- 20 x compressed eco friendly coir soil discs

- 20 x plant labels

- 4 x packs of microgreen seeds  (varieties vary depending on availability)

- 1 x water mister spray bottle

- 20 x biodegradable empty egg boxes (growing trays)


**Postage & Packing included**


Why a Green Care & Connections Microgreen Box?

We've spoken to a range of staff in care homes responsible for activities & wellbeing.  We understand the challenges of catering for a range of needs and abilities with pressures on time and resources.


That's why we've put EVERYTHING you need in a box.  Suited to more active & cognitively able residents right through to those being nursed in bed.  Our boxes allow for both group and 1:1 work - YOU decide how you want to use the materials.



Pool Activity Level (for adults living with dementia): Most suited to those considered to be at either Planned and Exploratory levels of engagement in activities of daily living.

Our microgreen seeds:
We have sourced our seeds directly from reputable seed stockists.  We've hand selected 4 of our favourite most reliable and easy to grow varieties that can pep up mealtimes with flavour, colour and make a meal look so much more appealing and impressive.


Our (peat free) Coconut Coir Discs

Coconut coir is a lightweight soilless medium made from coconut husks.  While it used to be considered only a by-product of the coconut industry and has no purpose, it has proven to have fantastic value as an eco-friendly and recognized growing medium. You can plant microgreens directly in coconut coir or mix it with other mediums such as soil.




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