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Relaxation with Tea Making & Stories

Relaxation with Tea Making & Stories

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Anxiety and stress can exacerbate sleep disturbance together with challenging behaviours in both children & adults.  It can also worsen the experience of chronic pain as muscles are tense and the perception of pain increases as a result.


Through use of stories, tea making, scent & reminiscence, breath awareness techniques and postcard writing, our relaxation box will encourage a slowing down and a high quality beneficial interaction which will bring mental and physical wellbeing to residents.

Box Contains:

1 (2 page) x relaxation resource sheet (see image)

2 x organza bags filled with lavender (see image)

2 x Pukka lavender tea bags  (see image)

1 x blank postcard (see image) (nb written postcard not included in pack!)

1 x bar of soap (see image)




  • Our box bursting with benefits

    We've thought long and hard about what could make a real difference to the quality of life for people living in care homes, especially those who are socially withdrawn or being nursed in bed.

    Here's some more information about what's included in our Tea Making & Stories Box:

    Writing (supported writing)
    In this new era of developing technology, emails and instant text messages have taken over all means of communication and expression.

    Postcards capture an emotional value that text messages and emails lack.   A postcard is a gift that can keep giving. The amount of joy that a receiver gets on receiving one is immeasurable.

    Why not get (or support) your resident(s) to write a postcard that can be treasured by its recipient?

    Tea making & drinking

    We have included 2 tea bags to start off a journey for your resident and one of their visitors.  

    Enjoying the process of preparing tea can become part of a dailly ritual for your resident(s), taking a few moments to heighten the senses and enhance their tasting experience.   A simple act of tea making can become a pleasurable and meditative part of the day.

    Bathing & Handwashing

    As occupational therapists, we know that even the most functional, simple activities of daily living can boost health and wellbeing.  That's why we've included some soap to support a gorgeous bathing experience for your resident.

    Also known as 'tub therapy', taking a hot bath is the ultimate, most accessible and affordable mood booster.  A recent study in Germany has found that a hot bath can not only lift your spirits but also alleviate depression.

    Similarly, our soap can be introduced as a pleasant addition to hand washing before a gentle hand massage, creating meaningful moments and connection between residents and care givers/relatives.







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