Why we need to tell our stories - by Michelle Gersh

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The art of story telling has been around for thousands of years. Some even say that the ability to tell and appreciate a story is hard wired into our brains.

Here's our Executive Director's story.........well, an ABRIDGED version!.

(Picture below shows Michelle with her favourite plants!)

I was always a good girl. The one who made my parents proud. The affable, easygoing, middle child in a middle class family. But all families have secrets and keeping that secret shaped the young adult I became and would have dictated the course of my life, had I not broken free and distanced myself from my family. I don't intend to over share on this blog. It wouldn't be appropriate or necessary. But what I would say is that the abrupt fork in the road which set my life onto a different but better life path in my 30s, is one which made me realise that:

1. I was more resilient and courageous than I realised

2. Life can get better, even when you're in the deepest, darkest hole.

3. You never know what wondrous human beings you're just about to meet

My story still continues and evolves, and now I want to help others experience the joy of storytelling, maybe even realizing that we can change the course of our own stories.

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