Get Involved

We all need hope and something positive to hang on to right now!
Individuals and organisations can become part of our Green Connections movement by attending our sessions, volunteering, donating or working in partnership with us

For more information contact Michelle on 07931 084159 or email

Christmas Gift
Image by Billy Huynh

Breath of Fresh Air Project

Join our Breath of Fresh Air project starting in March 2022. A wonderful series of outdoor, online and boxed activities designed to help participants feel more connected to their local community and calmed by the local natural environment.

Take Five

A week long daily programme of live online sessions, each last 5 minutes.  These sessions allow space and time for reflection in the middle of hectic, stressful days. You will feel calmer and more hopeful by watching, listening and participating in absorbing activities which will encourage you to switch off....just for a short time.

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Reading with Coffee

Time Out Events

A unique series of outdoor and online events open to everyone. Whatever your interests, we are sure we will have something to capture your imagination.  Our sessions range from heritage trails, making wildflower patches, William Morris designs and the history of lighthouses.   

Share your knowledge & skills

We are currently looking for people with experience of marketing, PR and social media as well as those who are well connected in our local communities, who may be able to help with community engagement.  If this is you, drop us an email at is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at Green Connections C.I.C.. Get in touch with any questions about how you can Volunteer Your Time today.